Flavoured condiment in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fragrance of Orient

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Intense smell, spicy fragrance, dry and pungent aroma with sweetish overtones.


Indispensable ingredient in baked pastries, not only at christmas, and particular – although its use is not widespread – in some savoury preparations. Ideal for shortbread, muffins also with cocoa and apples. We suggest adding few drops of this seasoning to flavour béchamel sauce, mashed potatoes, game ragout, meatloaf mixtures.


Temperature. Close after use; keep in a cool (14°/18), dark place away from direct light and heat to preserve its integrity. The quality remain high even with possible bottom sediments, which are natural olive oil elements.The best temperature range to store the olive oil is between 14 and 18°C. ATTENTION. At low temperatures it could get crystallize, but it returns to solid-state above 18°

Best beforeThe expiry date on the container refers to the product properly stored And Sealed. It’s just a best before date to taste its  fullest sensory characteristics. So, after this date, extra virgin olive oil will not become harmful to health, but only its flavour and intensity could be reduced. That’s because the extra virgin olive oil is a natural, pure product.

Nutrition facts Average Values per 100 ml of productEnergy 824 kcal / 3389 kJ; Fat  92 g – saturated 14 g unsaturated   69 g polinsaturated 9 g; Carbohydrates 0 g –sugars 0 g; Protein 0 g; Salt 0 g.

There are no allergens. Cases of allergy have never been reported.

Before each use.We suggest to shake the bottle a little before using, to invigorate and harmonize the infusion between the ingredients.