Extra Virgin Olive Oil with ceramic label made in Puglia
100% Italian
Inside Ceramic on Oil there’s Multivarietale®
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

0,50 L | Color: White

Also available in colors: Green, Red.

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From the combination of two ancient arts, to olives and that of terracotta, “ceramica su olio” by le ferre is born: a ceramic label entirely handmade by skilled apulian artisans, which dresses with unusual elegance and originality Le Ferre Multivarietale extra virgin olive oil.

Great balance. Lightly fruity, hints of almond on the palate, subtle bitter notes, pleasant spicy to the finish, Multivarietale extra virgin olive oil guarantees harmony in taste and stability in cooking.

Ideal in many food preparations, both for seasoning at the table and for cooking as base in the kitchen, it gives taste in its unmistakable balance.


Store in a dry and cool place (approximately between 14 ° and 18 °), away from direct light (natural and / or lamplight) and heat sources. After opening, it’s recommended to close the bottle tightly with the cap, after each use.

Any presence of sediments and / or suspended particles is due to the natural composition of the product and doesn’t affect its quality. The optimum storage temperature for the extra virgin olive oil must be between 14 ° C and 18 ° C.

LOOK OUT At low temperatures the oil tends to crystallize (formation of white crystals or granules). In this case, bring the container to a room at a temperature higher than 18 ° C and wait until it returns to the liquid state.


The date indicated in the bottle refers to the product properly stored, in unopened bottle. It’s a recommended time limit of consumption, to fully appreciate all the sensory characteristics. Therefore, after that date, it can be used without any risk to health, since no become harmful but it just could lose the intensity and the fragrance of its flavours and smells. All that because extra virgin olive oil is an absolutely natural product.

Average values per 100 ml of product.

Energy 824 kcal / 3389 kJ; Fat 92 g – of which saturated 14 g, unsaturated 69 g, polyunsaturated 9 g; Carbohydrates 0 g – of which sugars 0 g; Protein 0 g; Salt 0 g.

There are no allergens. Cases of allergy have never been reported.